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This is a site all about the wonderful, exciting, magical world of arts and crafts!

What is ‘arts and crafts’?

Arts and crafts are essentially a wide range of activities that involve making something with one’s hands. Arts and crafts can be a hobby, or it can be a career. It is something that can bepracticed by people of all age groups, ethnicities, backgrounds, and class. Some arts and crafts have been practiced for centuries, and some have come about in more recent times.

Here you will find a variety of articles on various arts and crafts. The focus is on arts and crafts that are traditionally Maori and practiced in New Zealand, but you will also find articles on various arts and crafts found all over the world. Some dating back centuries!

Crafts a generally referred to items that are not only beautiful but useful. Decoupaged boxes are an example of a craft. Raranga – Māori way of weaving is also an example of a craft. The Māori would make baskets, mats, and even cloaks that were useful and necessary in their day-to-day life, but they also happened to be very intricate and beautiful.

One would not think that a form of tattooing is art, the Māori art of Tā moko is considered an art form. This art from is rich with meaning, with each moko design unique to the wearer.

Have a look around – there is so much to learn about arts and crafts. It may even inspire you to pick up a new hobby!


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